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The economy of a place is set by the various industries of any place. These play an important rule in ensuring that people are well employed and have a means of living. Some of the top functioning industries in Houston include: Energy Industry Houston is famously known as the hub of the petrochemical industries in Texas. They have huge production units for the manufacturing and export of insecticides, synthetic rubber, and fertilizers. Houston is the world's leading city to have oilfield equipment construction. The place is filled with more than 3500 energy-related industries and plants that are the sole exporters of oil in America.

Real Estate And Corporate Houston is the hub for all corporate activities. The surrounding areas and the city are home to 23 Fortune 500 companies which have a name globally. They have a great business running in the corporate and IT sectors.

With this comes real estate business. With more industries and companies flourishing, there is a need for more settlement, which has made the real estate industry boom. Healthcare And Biomedical Industries Texas Medical Centre is Houston's major point for the research and development of life sciences, with massive investments ranging in billions of dollars. They have various facilities and see the participation of scientists from across the globe.

There are many research labs and centers in different parts of Houston. The UT research park is another important asset to Houston in terms of developmental research. Houston also has different colleges for life science and medicine.

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